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Once graduated, students can do an internship in leading edge companies of the sector from other countries, enhancing their training and their CV.

The school fully embraces the proposal of its students showing their track record and work beyond the borders of their home country. That is why we encourage the participation of all students in different events and design contests of the sector from the very beginning.

Companies from India, Oman, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico… have been demanding our graduates for years for their jewelry design projects and internationalization of their products.

From all across the globe

Students from more than twenty countries have already studied in our school. This gives us the experience to obtain the necessary documentation quickly and satisfactorily. Contact us and we will inform you on which steps to take

Escuela Joyería Atlantico | Linea Foto 1 Internacional
Escuela Joyería Atlantico | Linea Foto 2 Internacional

Partnerships with universities

We have established partnerships with different universities and educational institutions, making it easier for their students to study different specializations. Additionally, students who are studying in an institution we have not created a partnership with can benefit from artistic rooms in our facilities.

Student outreach

All students belong to our international portfolio of qualified professionals, which enables them to work with companies of renowned international prestige.

Students from the School of the Atlantic are currently developing their careers in countries such as Switzerland, USA, UK, Germany, Mexico…

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