Escuela Joyería Atlantico | Estudios Gemologia Blanc



Among the knowledge and skills that students will acquire by the end of the course, we highlight the following:
- Teaching of theoretical notions so that students acquire a critical technical profile to face the general classification of gems.
- Handling of indispensable gemological devices to identify natural gems, their replications or synthesis.
- Identification of all existing treatments in the gem market which influence their assessment for quality certificates.

- Students will have all necessary gems at their disposal in order to carry out the required activities throughout this program.
- Natural gems of different karats, colors, cuts and purity.
- Gemology tools.
-Specific documentation of the course at the students’ disposal.
-Library, video library specialization for the course.

- The course can be taken:
Attending four hours a week or one weekend a month (intensive).
The latter is more demanded, so if you wish to take it you should decide as soon as possible.
- Students who successfully complete the course will obtain a University Extension Course Certificate.

- Complete gemology lab with state-of-the-art equipment.
- Microscopes, refractometers, spectroscopes, polariscopes, binocular loupes, 10x loupes, UV light, heavy liquids.

- The course lasts 2 academic years. From October until June.
-Preregistration open all year.
- By the end of the course students will receive a University Extension Course Certificate of the University of Barcelona.


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