Call for Atlantic Talent Scholarships

Atlantic Talent Scholarship Program for the Plastic Arts Technician and Design in Artistic Jewelry Procedures degree.

The Atlantic Scholarship Program 2022-2024 is an opportunity for you to turn your passion for jewelry, manual dexterity and creativity into a professional career. With this program you can get the financial boost you need to train in the field of artistic jewelry and make a name for yourself in the industry.
This program will cover the enrollment during the two years, as well as the materials and school insurance *.
It is aimed at students of all nationalities between 18-35 years of age with concerns about the jewelry industry and the arts in general.
In order to assign aid for the call, the school will use the following as essential selection criteria:
  • Secondary school degree (or equivalent degree) or art career.
  • Knowledge of Spanish in the case of not being a mother tongue If a certificate is not presented, a language test will be carried out on those selected for the interview to guarantee the basic knowledge necessary.
Send us your CV and / or portfolio along with a cover letter  to the following address  before February 28.
Only the candidates selected for the final interview will be contacted.
* This scholarship does not include travel, health insurance or living expenses